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Man Camp

August 30, 2011

Future Jay says that a future zombie attack (z-day) is eminate. Im just a great listener because i really trust this guy. he could be messin with me but its a chance i can’t take. I dunno, some of y’all will scream in horror and maybe some will put your hand s in the air. […]


August 23, 2011

it has been hell. 4 Terabytes of footage and some close calls that made me wonder if anyone would buy a film about home waters. we are hoping the full feature will be done before the mayan calendar thingy comes to an end but hopefully this year. we finally got this trailer out and its […]

Now Looky hur.

August 23, 2011

THE Shirt that will assure you 50% more fish 60% of the time. Rob at BUG SLINGER just laid down some stink with a shirt that will keep crackers whiter and folks with some darknuss (yours truly) cooler. Rob, if i had talk the graphical talent that you have in your index finger, maybe i […]

Time has told

March 19, 2011

I’m in Durango Colorado on the Fly Fishing Film Tour. I had some time to work on some theories and consulted the scrolls about time. Sometimes I wish I could get the Sesame Street version. It is written in the scrolls Scroll 57 verse 1 “Time is and was and will be. Time is told, […]

World Angling

August 26, 2010

super fun. i should be coming out with more more often.

of the messenger

December 10, 2009

I’m not good at callin people back. I know this. I feel bad and it’s a work in progress. Scroll 12 verse 7 ” a graphite samurai should hold contacts close, and when he can’t, one must make contact. If one knows nothing of where fish lay at this moment, then one is lost. One […]

of fishers of bait

December 2, 2009

Historically, there has been many concerns of how instead of why. Last night I was invited to fish the snoopy rod invitational on the olyimpic pennisula this friday. I have never fished for steelhead with gear before. How could a humble samurai say no. too much fun and I hope the bait washes off and […]

Graphite Samurai

November 28, 2009

The low down I’ve been gone for 5 months guiding out in Idaho and Eastern Washington since July living in a camper/time machine. While i did not manage to cross the space/time continuim, i feel like i really made some jumps in progress. With a full re-wire and the discovery that commercial flux compacitors are […]

of honor and ownership

November 27, 2009

Little is writtin in the graphite samruai code bout owership and belongings. The code: scroll 32 verse 7 For this is not for bank dwellers but the normal man. Leave be a graphite samurai’s secret fishing layers and harems for if found in violation of the code; I read it as one should not follow […]

The future

November 26, 2009

Traveled to the future and brought back the future phone This blog is funded by bets made from the future and placed in the past. Small investments can be sent in the present for your future prosperity. It’s a pretty much for sure thing. Jayj