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Bows and Mushrooms

November 30, 2009

Like everything here, this was shot and edited on my phone. Jayj

Graphite Samurai

November 28, 2009

The low down I’ve been gone for 5 months guiding out in Idaho and Eastern Washington since July living in a camper/time machine. While i did not manage to cross the space/time continuim, i feel like i really made some jumps in progress. With a full re-wire and the discovery that commercial flux compacitors are […]

2nd Hand Time Machines

November 27, 2009


of honor and ownership

November 27, 2009

Little is writtin in the graphite samruai code bout owership and belongings. The code: scroll 32 verse 7 For this is not for bank dwellers but the normal man. Leave be a graphite samurai’s secret fishing layers and harems for if found in violation of the code; I read it as one should not follow […]

The future

November 26, 2009

Traveled to the future and brought back the future phone This blog is funded by bets made from the future and placed in the past. Small investments can be sent in the present for your future prosperity. It’s a pretty much for sure thing. Jayj

Filipino samurai

November 25, 2009

I’m out there wavin sticks around like a ninja defending his chicas honor against an army of finned fury fixing to make one feel the honed perfection of my size 4 dagger I call a fly. Wish me well my quiet audience. Tommorrow is another day of wet war and cold steel. Jayj