fly fishing and time machines. a grammatical adventure

Time has told

I’m in Durango Colorado on the Fly Fishing Film Tour. I had some time to work on some theories and consulted the scrolls about time. Sometimes I wish I could get the Sesame Street version.

It is written in the scrolls
Scroll 57 verse 1
“Time is and was and will be. Time is told, is telling and will tell.
Between the past and future lives the present. Wait not for the story of yesterday nor for what is tomorrow. Today time will tell all that is until tomorrow for then it will be today.”

I don’t know exactly whats up in it all and more meditation is needed but, I reckoned it to be about not living in the past or wasting time lookin and livin for retirement. If thats what the scrolls are trying ta say, I got that shit dialed in like Marty Mcfly and the hoverboard. Most of the time I can’t remember yesterday and I think retirement is for people with real jobs.
I think ima fish the San Juan tomorrow.

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