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The Rooster Matadors

June 12, 2010

i went down to Baja to rap with justin and k8. guided fur a bit and made a video for jeff debrowns guide service. i didnt shoot and edit this on my phone.  i tried to not use my phone for 2 weeks. i remembered what is was like before the “internet”.  i used my […]

of fishers of bait

December 2, 2009

Historically, there has been many concerns of how instead of why. Last night I was invited to fish the snoopy rod invitational on the olyimpic pennisula this friday. I have never fished for steelhead with gear before. How could a humble samurai say no. too much fun and I hope the bait washes off and […]

Graphite Samurai

November 28, 2009

The low down I’ve been gone for 5 months guiding out in Idaho and Eastern Washington since July living in a camper/time machine. While i did not manage to cross the space/time continuim, i feel like i really made some jumps in progress. With a full re-wire and the discovery that commercial flux compacitors are […]