fly fishing and time machines. a grammatical adventure

World Angling

super fun. i should be coming out with more more often.

5 Responses to “World Angling”

  1. Pretty cool Jay.
    I like the “other” perspective idea… go man!

  2. That was cool.

    I have to tell you, I am a little upset that you nailed a tarpon on your first cast. I have a bone to pick with those bastard fish.

  3. you guys are having way too much fun. way too much fun.

  4. Dudes, he nailed a tarpon on his “first” cast cause he has a freakin’ TIME MACHINE… can’t you read? That first cast was really like his 4-thousandth. And the 3-x tippet?… a futuristic flexible strand of transparent aluminium. Yup. Just like Star Trek n’ shite.

    Seriously, though, sweet site. There’s an upcoming (“lazy-assed-you-tube)post on my blog with this video. I gotta fish with Capt. Willie one day, dang it.

  5. […] the author of one pretty sick post on catching bonefish. And he is definitely the beard behind the Graphite Samurai blog… which falls under the self-appointed heading of “fly fishing and time machines. a […]

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