fly fishing and time machines. a grammatical adventure

Graphite Samurai

The low down

I’ve been gone for 5 months guiding out in Idaho and Eastern Washington since July living in a camper/time machine. While i did not manage to cross the space/time continuim, i feel like i really made some jumps in progress. With a full re-wire and the discovery that commercial flux compacitors are a sham, I have had time to work out the kinks on my own design based off plans I got from the future internet which i recieved from a fellow i met at a walmart parking lot. His name is,was, and will be, (as he so padantically put it) Buck.
Buck was sent from the future to give me documents from the future Internet to build my camper into a time machine for me to study the way of the samurai and to learn “the skills I will require to prevent the obiturary of Oncorhynchus mykiss beset by man.” how I took that was, get badass, save steelhead, place some finacialy benificial sports bets, and be a fishing guide. Ima try to make out with Anita O’day in her prime also.

I will try to break some catch up posts as I can.

On my fall season

We left the chrome back home and worked the easy (east) side for full color steelhead this fall. We had to take off the shoes to count sometimes. Runs this year reminded me of my last trip to Mexico. Cept’ there ain’t no pill for this sickness. I had folks that have never hooked fish on fly rods go double digits.


Matt from D.C.

Grand Rhonde

Skip from Wa.

Kurt from Ca.

Winters are coming in as we speak. I’m home for the chrome. Email me to book a trip for winter steelhead in Washington state.

P.s. Buck said, “in the future grammar and spellin dosent matter as much”. I’m ahead of my time.


4 Responses to “Graphite Samurai”

  1. Your own Tardis–how cool is that. Nice start on you’re site JJ.

  2. mikey likey. lots.

  3. if yer going to the future you should take guns. you probly already knew that.

  4. welcome home. I am still in the future. seems like the good old days though. know what i mean?

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