fly fishing and time machines. a grammatical adventure


well i did it. To spite future jay i told i would never tweeter but he keep on sayin i will and Costa wants me to. i fought it and refused untill i came to the realization that future jay knows what the hump im gunna do. so
@jayrockfish was made and soon after i got a follow from the future!
@futurejayj is now on twitter tweeting from the future. i think its a pretty good way to keep up with him.
ill will try to post more. shitz been crazy busy


Future Jay says that a future zombie attack (z-day) is eminate. Im just a great listener because i really trust this guy. he could be messin with me but its a chance i can’t take. I dunno, some of y’all will scream in horror and maybe some will put your hand s in the air. I got a new editing system and this was my atempt at figuring it out.

The code states,

Ready is not for the past but for the future. Remember, never one’s days are counted by what could of been but instead, what can be. ready yourself for tommorow for life lived dead is yet no life at all.

scroll 2 verse 5

thats pretty much a straight up get your guns ready for zombies verse right?


it has been hell. 4 Terabytes of footage and some close calls that made me wonder if anyone would buy a film about home waters. we are hoping the full feature will be done before the mayan calendar thingy comes to an end but hopefully this year. we finally got this trailer out and its been around but maybe some of y’all aint seen it yet.


THE Shirt that will assure you 50% more fish 60% of the time. Rob at BUG SLINGER just laid down some stink with a shirt that will keep crackers whiter and folks with some darknuss (yours truly) cooler. Rob, if i had talk the graphical talent that you have in your index finger, maybe i could get a job.


Not sure who it is but I wonder if future Jay lives in Boozeman.



I’m in Durango Colorado on the Fly Fishing Film Tour. I had some time to work on some theories and consulted the scrolls about time. Sometimes I wish I could get the Sesame Street version.

It is written in the scrolls
Scroll 57 verse 1
“Time is and was and will be. Time is told, is telling and will tell.
Between the past and future lives the present. Wait not for the story of yesterday nor for what is tomorrow. Today time will tell all that is until tomorrow for then it will be today.”

I don’t know exactly whats up in it all and more meditation is needed but, I reckoned it to be about not living in the past or wasting time lookin and livin for retirement. If thats what the scrolls are trying ta say, I got that shit dialed in like Marty Mcfly and the hoverboard. Most of the time I can’t remember yesterday and I think retirement is for people with real jobs.
I think ima fish the San Juan tomorrow.


Sorry I haven’t been around much. between the Film Tour and Motiv Films Ive been wicked busy. Ima Get back on the Tour in Salt Lake tomorrow. Heres a thingy i did last summer on my Colorado homies.


Sooooo. Not so crazy now. The Charlie Chaplin time traveler surfaced and Future Jayj says it was a anniversary gift to Future Sarah. His plan was to not let it out for awhile. Too late now. Then he said “see ya and good luck” and was back to the future.



super fun. i should be coming out with more more often.


We got alittle 4 lot commune in town here with my neighbor Nate with chickens and garden and what not. we had a little thievery problem the other weekend that almost ended up with Nate using a SKS assault riffle. He thought it would be a good idea to get rid of the gun to prevent us from having to dig a hole in the woods. His solution was to sell it for $300 and a goat. The plan is to train the goat to make noise and ram if vagrants come around. We sharpened the horns and she is getting close to ramming on command. Her name is goaty. She cusses plenty when folks come around. The other day she Escaped with her best friend and companion “Bruiser The Golden Ghost”. Bruiser is Nates dog that killed a bunch of our chickens. He is a bad influence on goaty and we ended up on chase for over 2 hours.  I need a proper dog recipe.

Iphone movie

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