fly fishing and time machines. a grammatical adventure

of fishers of bait

Historically, there has been many concerns of how instead of why.

Last night
I was invited to fish the snoopy rod invitational on the olyimpic pennisula this friday. I have never fished for steelhead with gear before. How could a humble samurai say no. too much fun and I hope the bait washes off and I really hope it don’t make it hurt when I pee. My hatchery steelhead karma will most definatly take a hit on this one.

The Code mentions “the dirty” many times. I found this writing to be most interesting. I have had this debate many times among the clan.

Scroll 2 verse 5

“One must ask themselves in true understanding and honesty of ones self, why one fishes as opposed to how one fishes.”

I have pondered this question many times. I have have came to the conclution of:
I fish for “the one” because it makes me feel the challenge I need to hold proper.
That is “the why”.
I fish flies because they are part of the equation of this challenge.
That is a combination of “how and why” but essential to “the why”.

Anyway, Friday Ima don a snoopy rod and fish for zombies cause it sounds like fun.

Darth Jayj


5 Responses to “of fishers of bait”

  1. Carry on young Samurai, but do not tear the rice paper!

  2. Heathen!

    I got a cool Spiderman rod you can borrow. I found it on the local back in June. Prolly needs some new line, though.

  3. I think the Great Sensai Roderick Haig Brown would forgive you for this one. Well maybe if you sport the Hanna Montana rod.

  4. A stick of wriggleys with the snoopy pole has produced at least one nice steelhead that I can vouch for… SHOOOT!


  5. Jay….I fully support this endevor….go with the Hannah Montana…

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