fly fishing and time machines. a grammatical adventure

Man Camp

Future Jay says that a future zombie attack (z-day) is eminate. Im just a great listener because i really trust this guy. he could be messin with me but its a chance i can’t take. I dunno, some of y’all will scream in horror and maybe some will put your hand s in the air. I got a new editing system and this was my atempt at figuring it out.

The code states,

Ready is not for the past but for the future. Remember, never one’s days are counted by what could of been but instead, what can be. ready yourself for tommorow for life lived dead is yet no life at all.

scroll 2 verse 5

thats pretty much a straight up get your guns ready for zombies verse right?


5 Responses to “Man Camp”

  1. Now that just fucking rocks!! When? Where’s my invite brutha?

  2. next july and eric, for sure. be ready.

  3. Dude, I dont like guns, and have a pet rabbit.

    But that is pretty damn cool.

    I am waiting for a death march vid…. now thats a real “man camp”.

    giggle giggle.

  4. Wow. That looks like good times. I’m guessin’ man camp isn’t held in Canada.

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