fly fishing and time machines. a grammatical adventure

The Rooster Matadors

i went down to Baja to rap with justin and k8. guided fur a bit and made a video for jeff debrowns guide service. i didnt shoot and edit this on my phone.  i tried to not use my phone for 2 weeks. i remembered what is was like before the “internet”.  i used my old and new camera. my new camera could kick my old cameras ass in a bar fight and maybe even if they were both sober (which they never are). anyone wanna go next year? toro.

sorry i havent posted inabit. been wicked busy. i tell yall  that im gonna step it up and post like a villain but i try to only tell 1 lie a day and i told this little puck kid that i was his father sooo…..


3 Responses to “The Rooster Matadors”

  1. Nice shootin’ Jay.
    I could taste the salty air……

  2. Dirkha Dirkha Mohammad Juhad!

  3. Man alive…I salivated the whole time

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