fly fishing and time machines. a grammatical adventure

2nd Hand Time Machines



8 Responses to “2nd Hand Time Machines”

  1. One day I’m gonna live in a camper too! And yes it will be down by the river.

  2. your camper looks hot, just like you.

  3. The perfect home for a Dirty Wizard…

  4. hey i kinda live in one too! and it is not wired backwards

  5. Holy christ, I bring in the gods of future time continuim gas service division and all I get is a lousy “Im at GWH’s house” Just remember, you are only the second best heat shrink tuber on the premises…That camper was all kind of F**ked up

  6. Nice hoodie. Got one just like it on this cold ass day.

  7. Did you steal the heater out of my camper bitch? Or did you steal my camper?!?!

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