fly fishing and time machines. a grammatical adventure


i went down to Baja to rap with justin and k8. guided fur a bit and made a video for jeff debrowns guide service. i didnt shoot and edit this on my phone.  i tried to not use my phone for 2 weeks. i remembered what is was like before the “internet”.  i used my old and new camera. my new camera could kick my old cameras ass in a bar fight and maybe even if they were both sober (which they never are). anyone wanna go next year? toro.

sorry i havent posted inabit. been wicked busy. i tell yall  that im gonna step it up and post like a villain but i try to only tell 1 lie a day and i told this little puck kid that i was his father sooo…..


Matt is following the dream

From the phone






It’s been awhile. We have been supa busy in the shop. We now have a very rough ability to travel ahead but it’s not very usefull yet. We are working on it.

Thee Trouthole from was brave enough to test it for us.

Chances are when I get done with my time machine I’ll go back and do more posts and people will quit bitching. (or will have never bitched in the first place)
More later.

P.s. (my phone rawks)



Future jayj and I were hanging out the other day yapping bout how great it is to rock with someone with such great taste when we both came up (at the same time(which is gettin kinda cheesey)) that future jayj should write for the blog when he’s in the area!
He also plays banjo way better than I do so that’s good to know and we play together when we can. He said I learn the “killer new riffs” from my future self. That kinda blows my mind because we can’t figure out where the new riffs came from. It’s just a cycle. I start to learn and future me comes back in time to teach me the new stuff that he learned from future, future me. Can ya follow that?

Anyways, the space/time continuum is a really hard thing to take to. Future jayj has it dialed in like a year deep bush guide dials in to a free phone sex line on that island that just barely gets phone recep. He is sooo cool.

I need a few more parts and a bit more time. It seems that time isn’t the problem as much lately because I reckon I’ll beable do jumps soon and can get lost time back. This is the schematic that controlls the vending portion of the time processor.

I need another time re-mapper to test it and about 1000 wire nuts. Baby steps back to the future. I’ll soon do 1 minute jumps then days, years, ect.



I’m not good at callin people back. I know this. I feel bad and it’s a work in progress.

Scroll 12 verse 7
” a graphite samurai should hold contacts close, and when he can’t, one must make contact. If one knows nothing of where fish lay at this moment, then one is lost. One must keep his pigeons clean and sturdy, ready for a message at the change of a flow. ”

Well, we have cell phones now so I ain’t gonna keep carrier pigeons. I get the idea though. Keep a good network of fishing freinds and call around to see “where it’s at”. I do keep chickens though. That’s another post.



Thanks so much Steve.

I really wanna do it again next year.



To Do List
1. Get this album

The “to do list” is a wad of stuff I need to do after I get the time machine going. It’s really for my use to organize my biznuss and so I don’t forget to save the world proper.

If you have any requests that WONT rip this dimension apart like a fat horny teenager opening up a pie wrapped up in edible underwear, leave them here. I will try to get to them as I can.

Future Jayj told me I should be able to jump time soon. I hang with him often now. He’s cool as hell and I think Ima copy his haircut. We have great ideas together and like all the same stuff. Some times we come up with the same stuff at the same time but I think he could be cheating cause he’s already been here. We like to debate who could kick who’s ass. He also told me Ima kick fish ass this season. We said “Rad!” at the same time.

On a side note, I found myself strangley attracted to Future Jayj. This brought up some really serious questions that I feel I need help with. Future Jayj is really good looking. Not just “ok”, I’m talking super future dapper. Ima try not to bring this up to my lady because it’s too weird.

Also, would it be outta line to ask bout a 3 way with present lady and future lady?



Historically, there has been many concerns of how instead of why.

Last night
I was invited to fish the snoopy rod invitational on the olyimpic pennisula this friday. I have never fished for steelhead with gear before. How could a humble samurai say no. too much fun and I hope the bait washes off and I really hope it don’t make it hurt when I pee. My hatchery steelhead karma will most definatly take a hit on this one.

The Code mentions “the dirty” many times. I found this writing to be most interesting. I have had this debate many times among the clan.

Scroll 2 verse 5

“One must ask themselves in true understanding and honesty of ones self, why one fishes as opposed to how one fishes.”

I have pondered this question many times. I have have came to the conclution of:
I fish for “the one” because it makes me feel the challenge I need to hold proper.
That is “the why”.
I fish flies because they are part of the equation of this challenge.
That is a combination of “how and why” but essential to “the why”.

Anyway, Friday Ima don a snoopy rod and fish for zombies cause it sounds like fun.

Darth Jayj

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