fly fishing and time machines. a grammatical adventure

getting somwhere

Future jayj and I were hanging out the other day yapping bout how great it is to rock with someone with such great taste when we both came up (at the same time(which is gettin kinda cheesey)) that future jayj should write for the blog when he’s in the area!
He also plays banjo way better than I do so that’s good to know and we play together when we can. He said I learn the “killer new riffs” from my future self. That kinda blows my mind because we can’t figure out where the new riffs came from. It’s just a cycle. I start to learn and future me comes back in time to teach me the new stuff that he learned from future, future me. Can ya follow that?

Anyways, the space/time continuum is a really hard thing to take to. Future jayj has it dialed in like a year deep bush guide dials in to a free phone sex line on that island that just barely gets phone recep. He is sooo cool.

I need a few more parts and a bit more time. It seems that time isn’t the problem as much lately because I reckon I’ll beable do jumps soon and can get lost time back. This is the schematic that controlls the vending portion of the time processor.

I need another time re-mapper to test it and about 1000 wire nuts. Baby steps back to the future. I’ll soon do 1 minute jumps then days, years, ect.



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  1. Im locking my door at night.

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