fly fishing and time machines. a grammatical adventure

To do list

To Do List
1. Get this album

The “to do list” is a wad of stuff I need to do after I get the time machine going. It’s really for my use to organize my biznuss and so I don’t forget to save the world proper.

If you have any requests that WONT rip this dimension apart like a fat horny teenager opening up a pie wrapped up in edible underwear, leave them here. I will try to get to them as I can.

Future Jayj told me I should be able to jump time soon. I hang with him often now. He’s cool as hell and I think Ima copy his haircut. We have great ideas together and like all the same stuff. Some times we come up with the same stuff at the same time but I think he could be cheating cause he’s already been here. We like to debate who could kick who’s ass. He also told me Ima kick fish ass this season. We said “Rad!” at the same time.

On a side note, I found myself strangley attracted to Future Jayj. This brought up some really serious questions that I feel I need help with. Future Jayj is really good looking. Not just “ok”, I’m talking super future dapper. Ima try not to bring this up to my lady because it’s too weird.

Also, would it be outta line to ask bout a 3 way with present lady and future lady?



4 Responses to “To do list”

  1. This paradox brings up a question I posed to some band mates back in ’99 or so. If you could clone yourself, would you do you?

  2. the presesnt jay makes me fell all tingly inside…
    the future might be even more delicious.

    oh, and I need a Big and Rich CD… I know you got a copy.

  3. Future Jayj is to be admired from afar for me. I have had this talk with bandmates also back in the day but actually hanging with future me, it kinda changes my mind.

  4. go back, tell my ass to chill out on perfect placement of wooden vessel on pyre. I miss that camera.

    And go back and tell Jordan not to dream so big. Donnie, Joey, Danny, and his bro needed him more than his dream.

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